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One of a Kind Apartments offer unique, eco-friendly, award winning serviced apartments in Canberra unlike any other. We have six apartments all eclectically and artistically styled on different cities. Whether you wish to visit San Francisco, Shanghai, Kyoto, Paris, Mexico City or Yogyakarta, we can take you there.

Repurposing old material to create unique works of art


This blog explores the artistic and design elements that make One of a Kind Apartments, Canberra so unique and special. 

Repurposing old material to create unique works of art

Stuart Forsyth

Repurposing, the finding of new uses for old materials and objects, has forced me to look at things in a new way. Instead of asking how much does it cost and where can I buy it I begin by asking how can I use this old material to maximise it’s use and showcase its story. Throughout the One of a Kind Apartments you will find old materials employed in novel and inventive ways. It is not that we can’t throw stuff away; it is that beautiful unique materials with charm and a story cannot be bought.

A case in point are the headboards. There are 11 bedrooms and 10 of them required headboards for the beds. Each of the apartments features it’s own unique accent colour.  Also each of the bedrooms has a robe door accented in this same colour- in fact, a different colour for each apartment. The headboards are painted in a pastel shade of these colours and framed in recycled black formply that was used in forming up the concrete beams in the basement. Fixed within these framed coloured backing-boards are wood blocks, either coloured or finished in gold leaf, accumulated over many years of woodblock priniting.