4 ways to create an eco-friendly garden

Having a beautiful garden is one of life’s simple pleasures. It simply makes you happy when you go outside and smell the flowers, you smile when you hear the bees humming, and there’s a sense of peacefulness when you’re pottering around. As with all other aspects of living, we should strive to be eco-friendly and think about what we can do to make a positive impact to the space we are living in. Below are 4 ways to create an eco-friendly garden to be proud of.

 1. Store rainwater; use your roof as the collector. It’s clean, it’s free, it’s great for your garden or yard, and it doesn’t take energy to pump it to your house. Not to mention that it’s a lot better for your garden than mains water.

 2. Xeriscape with drought-tolerant native species in your yard. Plant shade trees and vines to keep cool in the summer. At One of a Kind apartments our gardens are xeriscape, meaning they are native and low water plants. This also provides habitat for native birds and wildlife.

 3. Make a compost, or if you don’t want to build your own compost heap, give your organic waste to friends. At One of a Kind apartments we also compost all food and landscape waste in an onsite compost.

 4. Start a veggie garden, and grow your own food. If this seems like too much work, just start with one plant. A herb garden or planter is also a great idea, herbs from the grocery stores are expensive and often go off before they get used. We provide herb gardens in our greenhouse and a veggie patch for guests to help themselves to seasonal produce.