6 More Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We've talked a lot before about how important environmental sustainability is for us at One of a Kind Apartments. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business and is evident throughout every element of our apartments, and also our day to day business. Our apartments are in fact, Canberra’s first 8.0 EER energy rating multi-unit development, and we strive to run our business as environmentally friendly as we can, have a read of our eco-mission here

We wrote this blog post previously about the innovative ways to think about recycling, have a read if you've missed it or need a re-fresh. Because today, we have 6 more ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, be it at your own home or when you are staying in our eco-friendly apartments. 

1. Recycle your soft plastics (things that can be scrunched in your hand) through REDcycle. Check the website to see your nearest drop off, or leave them separately in your apartment for us to recycle for you. 

2. Compost food scraps instead of throwing them into the bin. Create your own compost at home, and use the compost bin that we provide at the apartments. At the apartments we compost all food scraps and landscape waste, which helps to create rich soil to use in our gardening. 

3. Bring reusable bags to buy your groceries. At One of a Kind Apartments we supply reusable bags for you to use to buy your groceries, you just have to remember to take them! 

4. Fill up your own water bottle and bring your own reusable coffee cup. In Canberra, we are very lucky to have great tap water, and there is absolutely no need to buy bottled water. In fact, many people prefer the tap water to bottled water. Once again. just remember to bring your re-usable water bottle. Similarly, if you like drinking take away coffee, we have lots of delicious options, so bring your re-usable coffee cup and help reduce the waste from single use coffee cups. 

5. Make (or buy) reusable beeswax wrap. Here is a great DIY guide that we have used, it's very easy and the wrap works fantastically instead of glad wrap or sandwich bags. 

6. Reuse your coffee grounds. Here is a handy guide is you're looking for suggestions at home. At One of a Kind Apartments we provide delicious organic, fairtrade coffee, and after you enjoy your coffee simply put it in the compost bucket so we can use it in our compost. 

Xeriscape gardens require minimal water, and provide habitat for native birds and wildlife. 

Xeriscape gardens require minimal water, and provide habitat for native birds and wildlife.