Canberra apartments characterised by minimalist design

We often hear the expression “less is more”. To me this has a very profound and personal meaning, so much in fact that it is evident throughout the ‘One of a Kind’ complex design and approach to business.

‘Less is more’ is a cornerstone of minimalist thought and design. It is also characterises traditional Japanese design, particularly Zen, which happens to be my background.  Zen training allows us to eschew artifice so that we begin to appreciate our original endowment. We begin to experience each moment, unadorned, ‘as it is’.

In design and construction, this means we allow the materials to speak, to tell their own story. A material that has a story to tell, such as old corrugated iron, is given a forum so it can tell that story. Unadorned. Old timber with notches and nail holes becomes of greater value than new painted plantation timber.

But what might ‘less is more’ mean in the business of hospitality? It obviously does not mean flooding a guest with cheap disposable keepsakes. At “One of a Kind Apartments’ we believe it means being responsive and receptive without being intrusive. Where possible discerning the guests’ needs before they are mentioned. And, of course, providing unique and unexpected touches so that the visit is memorable.