11 tips for a greener business

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business practices, and is the core of our values and beliefs. We strive to minimise waste, conserve natural resources and partner with local, environmentally friendly businesses.

 As a business, you too can become more environmentally sustainable. But why, you may ask?  For starters, running an eco-friendly business will help reduce your business’ impact on the environment. Not only does this help to preserve our precious natural resources, but it also means you can truly feel good about your business growing and expanding because it is not excessively consuming resources but contributing positively to your community.

 Furthermore, it will actually save you money. Believe it or not reducing your consumption, avoiding unnecessary purchases, and reusing supplies where possible (scrap paper to take notes) will actually save you money!

 Last but not least, environmentally sustainable businesses attract new customers. Most people like to support businesses that are doing the right thing. Who doesn’t feel better when they have chosen the eco-friendly option, over less wholesome options?   Incorporating environmentally sustainable practices into your business will set you apart from your competitors, and keep the good karma rolling in, so why not start today?

Here are 11 tips to help you get started on your path to a more eco-friendly business.

1.         Conduct your business electronically as a preference to paper – email receipts instead of printing them out.

 2.         If you have to print, try and print double-sided. If not, use the scrap paper to take notes instead of buying note pads.

 3.         Encourage employees to walk, ride, catch the bus or car share to work. If possible, allow employees to work from home a couple of times a week, or when possible. 

 4.         Turn off computers and lights when leaving the office and turn switches at the power points when not in use.

 5.         Sort your recycling properly - this will be easier if bins are appropriately labelled.

 6.         Have a separate container for food scraps and start composting them. If this isn’t possible find someone who owns chooks and give your scraps to them.

 7.         Make your own cleaning products. This will cut costs and reduce waste. Here is a good list of recipes. 

8.         Use reusable washable towels instead of paper towels.

 9.         Install a good hand dryer instead of using paper towel. 

 10.       Supply reusable coffee cups for staff to use when getting coffees

 11.       If your business often throws out cigarette butts, nespresso capsules, oral hygiene products and their packaging, or cleaning packaging, get in contact with Terracycle and learn how they can recycle these products for you