The Environmental Design Movement - 3 not so obvious benefits

This Sunday 7th September One of a Kind Apartments are opening to the public as part of Sustainable House Day 2014. We are excited to be part of this event and it reminds me of some of the not so obvious benefits of being part of the Environmental Design movement.

Firstly, as an environmental designer we become part of a community and learn to collaborate with this diverse community. When we pursue personal gain we are competitive and tend to become separated and isolated. When we pursue communal advantage we are cooperative and collaborative and become united in common causes. This creates unlikely bedfellows, which is not a bad thing.

Secondly, environmental design introduces us to the constraints of healthy human living. In environmental design the measures are not only the immediate returns but also the social, environmental, and inter-generational benefits. So much of contemporary design is like shopping down a supermarket aisle with the result being a grandiose statement of β€œbecause I can afford to”. To understand that resources are precious and opportunities a privilege is a valuable lesson.

Thirdly, environmental design connects us with others treading the path of generosity and sustainability. All around the globe there are people quietly working away making a difference by doing more with less. We are privileged to be partnering with one such organisation. Abundant Water is a Canberra-based organisation with a Global reach developing appropriate and sustainable clean water filtration technologies.  We are proud to be showcasing their work on Sustainable House Day at 43 Stockdale Street Dickson.