Parisian attention to detail in Canberra Serviced Apartments

We at ‘One of a Kind Apartments’ took on the challenge of combining creativity and innovation with sound business. In differentiating and individualising our apartments we are celebrating our world’s centres of creativity and innovation. My blogs to date have essentially been reminiscences of the places we visited that inspired us to be bold and creative. This blog on Paris is a little different, in that I have yet to visit this iconic city. So although it is aspirational, in that I hope one day to visit, artists of all ages and all continents have been inspired by this “international capital of style”.

 Paris has been at the centre of European history and civilisation for more than 2000 years. It has been a creative ferment, spawning some of our world’s great art and architecture, fashion and cuisine; and has fomented revolution and change from decapitating its own monarchy and aristocracy, funding the American Revolution and establishing the first communes. While it’s topsy-turvy history might inspire awe, we celebrate it as a pre-eminent centre of creativity and innovation.

 Paris is named after its original inhabitants, the Celtic tribe of Parisii, which means ‘the working people’ or ‘the craftsmen’. So it is not surprising that from an early age the city exhibited a precocious architecture, initiating Gothic architecture and medieval stained glass and culminating in the grande monuments of Napoleon. Later Universal Expositions showcased French creativity introducing us to the iron lattice and trusses of the Eiffel tower, the first public projection of a motion picture by the Lumiere Brothers, the telephone of Bell, the phonograph of Edison and the engine of Diesel.

 Paris was the centre of the enlightenment and the home of science and learning. It provided resources for scientists such as Leonardo and Marie Curie; inspiration for writers such as Hemingway, Joyce, Beckett and Gertrude Stein; and sanctuary for countless artists such as Picasso, Diaghelev and Stravinsky.  It served as a backdrop for the great literature of Hugo, de Balzac and Dumas and launched the Art Nouveau and modernist movements.

 Although the musical home to the avant-garde of Sate, the bohemian of Piaf and the gypsy-jazz of Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt, we admire Paris for it’s cool sophistication epitomized by it’s haute-cuisine and haute-couture. We are inspired by the meticulous preparation and presentation of the craftspeople and their time-consuming hand-execution. The heirs of the Parisii, indeed. At one of a Kind Apartments you will find this same attention to detail and presentation that will ensure your stay is a special experience.