One of a kind apartment evokes Mexico City memories

It is not possible to consider contemporary global culture without acknowledging the profound legacy of Meso-America. These civilisations bequeathed us pyramids as great as those of Ancient Egypt, unrivalled stonework, metalwork that dazzled the Conquistadores and an agriculture that has provided our staples – potatoes, corn, pumpkin, tomatoes, chillies, avocados, cocoa, tequila and, of course, tobacco. So it is no surprise that One of a Kind Apartments when celebrating our world’s creative centres acknowledges Mexico City’s place on the list.

 The city, originally known as Tenochtitlan, was established by the Mexica people on an island of Lake Texcoco after the fall of the Toltec Empire about 700 years ago. Here they created a unique civilisation and the world’s largest and most sophisticated city of that era with canals and floating gardens on their sacred lake. This idyll was cut short by the conquistadores under Cortes who with the connivance of neighbouring peoples that had been subjugated by the Aztecs overthrew Montezuma. Much of the original city was razed to be replaced with a European-modelled city that reflected the Glory of the God of the Spanish. Since that time the city was the main prize in the Mexican-American War and for the Revolutionaries in the Mexican Civil War. This tumult has made for a unique and vibrant creative culture.

We have spent time in Mexico City wandering through the unique melange of cultures and it’s cataclysmic history. We were enthralled at the simple artistry of the Indian people with their exquisitely embroidered blouses, huipiles, and their woven leather sandals, huaraches. We followed the trail of murals, an avant-garde art form spawned by the Mexican Revolution that was based on traditional Indian building decoration. And we dined on tacos in the markets, an adaptation of the original Tlacopan, a staple of the indigenous peoples living on Lake Texcoco who ate their flat corn-bread filled with seafood from the lake and avocados and limes from the gardens.

 The ‘One of A Kind” Mexico City apartment evokes all these inspirational experiences and pleasant memories. It is uniquely accented with pumpkin orange and decorated with Indian handiwork from a bygone era. We believe you will be inspired in the same way that we were many years ago when we visited this amazing city.