A waste enclosure with a difference

A real joy of hosting at our β€˜One of a Kind Apartments’ is not only meeting guests we would not ordinarily get to meet, but also getting to hear their feedback on our building and their experience of it.  As artists it is easy to get so close to our work that we can no longer see it through fresh new eyes. So it has been a revelation to hear from so many that one of their strongest impressions has been the use of old recycled corrugated iron, especially in the waste enclosure.

Upon reflection I can understand this because normally the waste enclosure is a forgotten element of the overall design. Hidden out of sight, made from pressure-treated pine in a very perfunctory way. At One of a Kind Apartments the waste enclosure is visible from the street with materials and design consistent with the rest of the building. And as with the rest of the building it is hand finished with an attention to detail. But, as our guests are attesting, the end result is timeless.

Our waste enclosure is indicative of the way in which we have approached the design and building of the apartments at 43 Stockdale Street, Dickson. We have not designed in a particular style but have asked as to the function of the waste enclosure, the materials that can facilitate this and a finish the showcases the natural beauty within the material.  This approach takes time and commitment; considerable effort is even required to source original material because it will not be found in a building or hardware catalogue. And in all of this we have tried to not take ourselves too seriously because it is only a waste enclosure, after all.