Shanghai Inspired Apartment in Canberra

It is not possible to celebrate global innovation, art and culture without acknowledging Shanghai’s place in this elite list. It was a bustling international financial and trading centre that went into a thirty-year hibernation during the time of Mao only to emerge full of cutting edge bustle, creativity and development as though the Cultural Revolution never happened.

The city, once described as ‘the Pearl of the Orient’ and ‘the Paris of the East’, is considered as the birthplace of everything modern in China- the first car, the first trains and the first sewers. During the sixties Shanghai became the home of Jiang Qing, Mao’s wife, and the gang of four who ultimately were held responsible for Mao’s disasters. Now Shanghai is home to uniquely Chinese cyberpunk and their cyber-punk inspired neon-illuminated buildings.

Shanghai has always been an architectural adventure with the Bund, the International Quarter, home to unique Art Deco buildings and the City full of Soviet Neo-Classicism. But, most importantly, Shanghai is the home of the Shikumen – walled townhouses that created a spacious haven where not only ventilation and sunlight filled the rooms but also allowed for raindrops to fall and vegetation to grow freely within a residence. The Shikumen idea has certainly influenced our design at One of a Kind Apartments, 43 Stockdale Street, Dickson.

Other Shanghai cultural artifacts are modern Chinese painting, the dumpling and the cheogsam. All three were suppressed in Mao’s China but in the last thirty years have made an explosive revival contributing to the unique artistic, culinary and fashion industries in the City. And, of course, with Canberra’s Skyfire approaching we must acknowledge that the benchmark is Shanghai’s fireworks and music festival on the harbour. As we celebrate Shanghai and how this bustling city has inspired our One of a Kind Apartments, we offer a special discount on our Shanghai apartment just in time for the gorgeous fireworks this weekend. Call Barbara on 0401 756 551 to book.