The Canberra Times, One of a Kind Apartments, Article

I recently contacted The Canberra Times to enquire if they would like to check out ‘One of a Kind’ Apartments. I was referred to an editor who said he would refer it on to the Property Reporter who may, or may not, cover it since she covers numerous properties every week. I responded that I didn’t think it was a property story but rather a Creative Canberra story. He obviously was checking out the website as we spoke and once he saw the photos he immediately understood my point. So he arranged to come around first thing next morning.

Immediately upon arrival he related to the old corrugated iron and so began to look at all the ways in which the old iron is used. But as we spoke he began to understand how the project has been a complex collaboration of artists, designers and tradespeople. And that from the beginning we had sought to be neighbourhood -friendly. This has resulted in a modest street presentation very much in keeping with the hip-roofed bungalow neighbourhood. In fact many neighbours mistook the complex for a large residence and are always surprised when they enter the property and find the terraces discreetly appearing down the long axis of the block.

As if on cue, on the same day the Canberra Times were on-site researching the story, a neighbour who originally opposed our project sent me the following email:

Hi Stuart,

How time flies! We received your kind invitation to the opening.  Unfortunately we will be away at that time so will decline.  However, I must say, we have watched the construction with interest and you have done a wonderful job.  Wish other developers were as professional and sympathetic to their surrounds.  When I look around at many new units in the immediate vicinity all I see is unattractive boxes.  43 looks great, blends in with the slope of the block and is unobtrusive.  A job well done, a credit to you and an enhancement to the local area.


So this also became the focus of the Canberra Times article – How we built apartments that were not only eco-friendly but neighbour friendly as well. And so we are extending an invitation to all our new neighbours to come and see on Saturday 22nd February what lies behind the street frontage. You’ll be surprised.