Canberran Accommodation Unlike Any Other

G’day. Stuart here again. One of a Kind Apartments Canberra, at 43 Stockdale Street, are a collaboration of many people – many who unwittingly contributed without even realizing it. As a team, our challenge was to create living-spaces (apartments and terraces) in Canberra, that are not only spacious, amenable and environmentally friendly but also visually appealing and conceptually exciting.

This has resulted in apartments built to the highest standard of energy efficiency, incorporating a wide range of recycled and repurposed materials, and looking as though they belonged in the neighourhood and, in fact, have always been here.

We have drawn widely on the creative and innovative culture of Canberra. The building therefore expresses a character that is not contrived or imported but is a natural outcome of the skills, materials and environment that is Canberra. We have watched closely the developments of New Acton and have been emboldened by their courage to be different. We asked ourselves “how can ordinary artists and builders show similar vision without access to the vast resources of the Molongolo Group”?

Our apartments are the response to this question. I don’t know whether it will influence architects, builders and developers but I believe it will make a significant contribution to this burgeoning creative and innovative culture in Canberra

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