Confident, bold and ready - Canberra accommodation open for business

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday at the launch of ‘one of a kind apartments’. Thank you also to our neighbours who allowed the parking to stretch around our block. And finally, thank you to Jamie Wilson, founder of Coordinate and creative mind behind the Brand Canberra campaign, for cutting the ribbon and placing our work in the creative foment that is happening here in Canberra.

We were thrilled so many could attend and fit comfortably in the four apartments that were open. It was fascinating for me to hear the feedback and questions from our hundreds of guests. Prominent among them were how unique, different and risky the design and décor were. So it was no surprise to hear Jamie tag our work with the ‘confident, bold and ready’ CBR label.

Much of our design has developed out of an appreciation for the unique assets of Canberra; it’s climate, environment, materials and lifestyle. When we begin celebrating who we are and what we have got we will cease being defined by others. As we embrace our difference a visit to Canberra becomes a different and unique experience. “One of a Kind Apartments” is open for business, not only showcasing our heritage and these unique endowments but also demonstrating a wonderful warm hospitality.