Quirky Canberra Apartments that have to be seen to be believed

Like me, you have most probably heard the advice to forget about the destination, just enjoy the journey? And perhaps like me you find it easier said than done. Especially on a building site with a complex and ambitious project!

On this project my challenge was to make the journey from design to building as enjoyable as possible. In most cases I failed. Building culture and the neuroses of finance being what they are maybe make it too big of an ask. However, in a few cases I believed we succeeded, and it shows. Where the trades began to have fun in their work it was not only evident in their attitude, but also in the outcome. So I often hear now the comment from observers that “ you must have had fun doing that!”

Fun on the job is important. It opens our minds, and hearts, and leads to novel approaches and solutions. Moreover, this lightness of heart becomes infectious. The fun that is evident in a lot of the design and work, has influenced the décor and furnishing of the apartments. We have 7 apartments so why not make each one different? In fact, why not make each one accented with a colour of the rainbow. You’ve got to be kidding! No, why not?

And if each of the seven are different why don’t we celebrate seven of the world’s creative centres. After all, Canberra is becoming a creative centre and this building project is certainly different and innovative. So at 43 Stockdale you will find a red apartment celebrating Shanghai; an orange one celebrating Mexico City; a yellow one celebrating San Francisco; a green one celebrating Yogyakarta; a blue one celebrating Paris; an indigo one celebrating Kyoto; and a violet one celebrating Delhi.

It is quirky. In fact, it has to be seen to be believed. The apartments will be open to the public on the evening of Saturday 22nd February. Get in touch and come along. See you there!

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