G'day Post

G’day.  Stuart here. I am an artist who builds. Like most people I like to make stuff. And like some I recognize building as ultimately a creative enterprise.

Even though there is a great creative buzz when building, there is also a tremendous responsibility. Unlike baking a cake, building consumes an enormous amount of materials and resources and if done well will last a lifetime.

So I have taken the challenge of building inner-city apartments very seriously. I have sought to design a living space that is not only comfortable and amenable but also belongs in the neighbourhood and its environment. To this end I have created a space I describe as simple, elegant and environmentally friendly. I am happy to hear it described as “eco-chic”.

To take advantage of the undoubted skills and experience that builders and engineers acquire over a lifetime I gave them permission to be inventive and to take advantage of a ‘one off’ creative opportunity. This has helped create a “one of a kind” complex of apartments. Thus, although designed by artists, the building has been realized by artisans.

This collaboration of artist and artisan has resulted in a many textured and multilayered building. Wherever you look you will find materials, old and new, used in a unique expressive way. Much of the material used have been recycled. I prefer the expression re-purposed because it really captures the shift a builder must undertake in order to cease being wasteful and to become resourceful. One of the great successes of this project has been to observe this shift in so many who collaborated with me. To them I say thank you.

I look forward to communicating with you the process and lessons of the building and how the ethos that created and realized it, responsiveness and generosity, has infected what has now become One of a Kind Apartments.

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